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Photo: Pradeep Bandekar



Product: Coca-Cola -- Slogan: Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola
Ad agency: McCann Erickson

A mawali from Mumbai, a Hyderabadi shopkeeper, a Jat farmer, a Bihari babu, and now a Nepali tour guide: Bollywood star Amir Khan has donned different avatars for the Coca-Cola television ads (click here to check out the ad), which won the ABBY 2002 awards.

Aamir Khan has signed a huge Rs 6 crore deal with Coca-Cola for the Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola campaign. Thanda means cold, and is a generic term for soft drinks in India.

Keen to adapt the right mannerisms of a typical Nepali guide, Aamir is said to have rehearsed for two days before the sequence was shot in Kullu Manali. Coke ads have also featured actors Vivek Oberoi, Hrithik Roshan and actress Aishwarya Rai, among others.

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