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Previous day's headlines - 17 December, 2017

Today's Headlines

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LIVE! '100% match in random vote count on EVMs and paper trail slips'
Saurashtra shocker: BJP wiped out in Amreli and Gir Somnath - 23:33 IST
Gujarat and HP Polls: THE FINAL VERDICT - 23:01 IST
16 Gujarat seats where BJP had a narrow escape - 22:47 IST
Continuing regime change trend, Himachal powers BJP to victory - 21:36 IST
Victory for vikas: Modi on Gujarat, Himachal results - 21:34 IST
BJP survives Gujarat scare; tramples Congress in HP - 21:11 IST
BJP manages to retain Gujarat, Congress' tally improves - 19:54 IST
BJP tampered with EVMs to win Gujarat, claims Hardik - 19:40 IST
Gujarat trumps over Himachal on NOTA votes - 19:11 IST
The 'Lotus' blooms across India - 18:59 IST
BJP's vote share in Gujarat falls sharply since 2014 polls - 18:57 IST
With dhol and dance, BJP celebrates its wins - 18:47 IST
Gujarat Verdict: It's Rahul vs Modi in 2019 - 18:38 IST
Meet the WINNERS and LOSERS of Gujarat and HP polls - 18:29 IST
'After Gujarat, Congress has gained in stature' - 18:15 IST
Gujarat results will have no bearing on Karnataka polls: Siddaramaiah - 18:10 IST
Rahul accepts 'people's verdict', says party fought anger with dignity - 18:05 IST
'A victory is a victory irrespective of numbers' - 17:39 IST
Uttam's Take: What happened to NaMo's Mission 150? - 17:25 IST
Vikas won, so did Gujarat: PM Modi - 16:37 IST
'Jo jeeta wohi sikandar' - 16:27 IST
Baazigar O Baazigar! - 15:07 IST
BJP MP: 'This is definitely not BJP's victory' - 14:39 IST
Modi's 'Pakistan conspiracy' remark washes out Parliament - 13:59 IST
Should Ansari, Singh have attended Aiyar's dinner? - 13:39 IST
Vikas? Major Economic Reforms? Naah! - 12:51 IST
Gujarat results indicate people not happy with BJP: Sena's jibe at BJP - 12:14 IST
Sena praises Rahul Gandhi; lauds him for spirited battle in Gujarat - 10:55 IST
Watch LIVE! All the action from Parliament - 10:48 IST
MAPPED: Gujarat and Himachal verdict 2017, constituency-wise - 09:16 IST
History will view Sonia Gandhi positively - 08:13 IST
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