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Going to the US to study?
Click here to ask your question. Your queries will be answered by a panel of student experts who are now in the US.

Are you aware of the new flying regulations?

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Is Indian food easily available?
'I heard rice is very expensive...'
Where to buy health insurance?
Where to buy health insurance?
Flying abroad? What you should know
What should you pack?
Prepared for airport, flight formalities?
How much money should you carry?
Ready for the US immigration process?
Need neworking tips?
Know how to deal with jetlag?
How can you call home?
Do you have a list of emergency numbers?
Dedicated to you
Many of you will soon go to the US for further studies. This is a hectic time for you and
this is how we hope to make it easier.
Find a friend in the US
Need help in Maryland, DC?
Coming to UT Austin?
Welcome to Tulane

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Looking for a friend in Kansas City
Need apartment near UCLA
Seeking someone at Ashland Univ, Ohio
Our experts answer
Q: How to apply for an SSN?
   A: The university will help                          ...more
Q: Am doing Phd in US, can my spouse work?
   A: Yes, spouse is eligible to work            ...more
Q: Can we get aid on H4 visa?
   A: No, move to F1 visa                                ...more
Q: How to coordinate 3 interconnecting flights
   A: Do not hurry immigration officer          ...more
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Going abroad to study? Buy health insurance first
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