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Poll: Do you still use gifts from your ex?

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September 01, 2009 14:59 IST

Actress Jennifer Aniston was in the news yesterday for having worn a very valuable watch gifted to her by ex-boyfriend John Mayer when they were together.

While the press is abuzz with speculations trying to analyse her gesture, it does say a lot about her acceptance of failed relationships, doesn't it?

If you were in Jen's place, would you continue to use a gift from an ex?

What is your policy on presents from your former partner? Do you return them, discard them, put them into storage or use them just as you would any of your other belongings?

Do you think you should cut your losses and move on with only happy memories? Or would you be just plain uncomfortable wearing something your ex gave you?

Take this poll and let us know:

Photograph: NBC/Reuters