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Career vs Relationship: How do you balance it?

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Last updated on: June 06, 2008 18:20 IST
Let's take a look at the average working individual's day.

You wake up early, wash up, dress, grab some breakfast and are out the door. After a sweaty ride in the bus/train, you finally reach the office, where a gruelling nine to 12 hour work day awaits you.

You're at it all day, dealing with clients on the telephone, fingers whirring at the keyboard.

Some nights you need to call home and remind your partner that you won't make it for dinner -- on others you stumble home way after dark, have a quick meal and are snoring in bed by 11 pm, tired after a long working day.

Welcome to the life of most working individuals and couples.

When and how do you find quality time to spend with your partner?

Is your hectic work schedule taking a toll on your relationship?

Are you so exhausted by the end of it all that you can't even salvage the weekend?

How do YOU juggle your career and personal life? Tell us!

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