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'Make it compulsory for politicians to serve in the army!'

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January 31, 2008 16:59 IST

Last week, we carried a message board asking readers what they thought about compulsory recruitment to the Indian army.

We were flooded with comments of every kind -- here are the most interesting ones!

Yes, it will be good if drafting is made compulsory in india and later on only those having gonr through this to be eligible to become ministers in state/central cabinets--we can effectively discard a lot of senile so called leaders.

-- Rajaram

Kindly introduce reservation. It ll definitely fill all the vacancies.
Now if you think reservations brings down quality, then Government must say that openly, and also explain why the other ministries can live with low quality.

-- Ranjan Bhadra

I do not think it it is good idea to introduce conscription in India. Give armymen better salaries only then more youngsters will come forward to join the Army.

-- Abhi Shetye

I would surely join!

-- Santosh Kumar

I think nobdy can force anybdy for anything they might make it mandatory but the passion comes from within to fight for your country they cant generate that feeling.A v bad example was set when an india army officer was killed
in a war and his parents had to face a million pblms after that a movie was also made abt it called DHOOP. I think they should first try to eradicate corruption in army and they should increase the pay packages (money matters) and other facilities also like US ARMY.

-- Priyank Arora

Compulsory military service is no solution for increasing the army officers in army... if you want good and quality young professionals find out why talented minds don't join army.. its due to lucricative salary and perks private company offers and also very strict life in army... increase pay and make army life a bit enjoyable then the same enthusiasm for joining army will be back among youth... for nuts you will get only monkeys....

-- Arun MN

I think the law should be devise in such a way that a person should devote at least 2 year in Army as a prerequisite to contest in Election.

Our leaders are nowhere stands capable in maintaining discipline,Fitness,Loyalty, Responsibility, courage etc.

At least this rule will automatically ruled out so many unwanted politician who doesn't posess any of these qualities.

-- Jitendra Khalpada

How much salary we will get?

-- Rohit Bansod

Yes they shd, irresspective of the sex...just the way they do it in Israel.

-- Swati

Population in the age group 18 to 35 is about 20 crores in India. Will the indian army able to handle this many. There will be chaos. Monetory compensation should be increased and size of indian army should be reduced instead of compulsory army training. This will not work in India.

-- Raja

Ha ha good idea! Why not make it compulsory for all those craving for reservation. Any one who wants the benefit of 'reservation' should be in army for a specified period.

-- Sunny P Jacob

Select a candidate for a govt job and make it compulsory that he serves 2 yrs in army before getting into it.

-- Sriram Vuppala

What do you think of compulsory recruitment to the army? Post your responses on the message board below!