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Rediff.com  » Getahead » How to make a marriage work? Tell us!

How to make a marriage work? Tell us!

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January 29, 2008 12:25 IST

We're still very much in the midst of the wedding season and a lot of young men and women are about to enter into holy matrimony in the coming couple of months.

A lot of these young men and women, however, tend to get cold feet when they hear horror stories about marriage break-ups!

"She's using the child like a trump card in the divorce proceedings!"

"He's still having an extra-marital affair with his ex!"

"Do you know, she pushed him down the stairs during an argument!"

Rumours like this are enough to put a little scare into the bravest of hearts!

What if your best friend is about to get married and is terrified of marital discord? What tips would you provide him/ her with to make the marriage a success?

We invite readers to contribute 10 tips each on how to make a marriage work -- simply post your comments on the message board below and the best entries will be published next week, right here on Rediff.com!


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