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What's in your lunch dabba today?

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January 08, 2008 12:55 IST

What are you having for lunch today?

A salami sandwich or two?

A tiffin full of biryani, along with some raita?

Or dal-roti because you didn't have time to pack yourself an elaborate meal this morning?

Tell us what you're carrying in your lunch dabba today and we'll tell you whether it's healthy or not!

Simply post what your meal consists of on the message board below (be sure to include your name, of course) and our nutritionist Samreedhi Goel will evaluate it for you!

Are you consuming the right amount of calories? Is your food healthy? How can you improve it?

Samreedhi will be picking out a few meals and commenting on them next week -- the results will be published right here on

All you have to do is tell us what you're eating and we'll tell you whether it's right for you!