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Have you ever faced sexual harassment in public?

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February 19, 2008 14:21 IST

Being letched at and/ or occasionally groped by strange men is part and parcel of being an Indian woman.

Whether it's on a railway platform or in the theatre, at a mall or on the street, practically every woman has been the object of unwanted attention and overtures at some point in time.

The media often brings to light incidents of outraging a woman's modesty, but for every documented case, there are hundreds of others that are either covered up, downplayed or ignored.

And once the hue and cry has died down, things go right back to the way they were, up until another shocking incident rouses public sentiment.

We invite Get Ahead readers to share their stories and opinions in this regard.

Have you or your lady friends ever been sexually harassed in a public place? How did you/ they deal with the situation?

Do you think the law is hard enough on men who indulge in eve-teasing and inappropriate behaviour with women?

Please post your experiences, comments and advice on the message board below; the best responses will be published next week, right here on