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Tips to make a marriage work: Your say!

February 07, 2008 12:34 IST

Last week, we invited Get Ahead readers to contribute 10 tips to make a marriage work.

We were flooded with responses -- some wise, some funny and others outright ridiculous! Here are the most interesting comments!

Have an open marriage. the husband and wife will live happily with each other and also lead their independent sex lives too with partners of their choice. this way their sex life with each other would improve too.

this is the secret to a happy and long married life these days! ask nagarjuna and amala!

-- King of Hyderabad

Have been married for 26 I suppose that is qualification enough to advise people..
First...keep your temper down.Never use harsh words, physical abuse definitely no no.If you are really angry, just keep quiet.
Second....good sex life is vital.Never force your partner.Sex should happen automatically.
Third.... always appreciate even a small thing your spouse does,even a cup of coffee,women really love it.
Fourth... surprise her with gifts however small on important occasions.
Fifth.... listen always ,whether you take the idea or not.
Sixth.... even if your wife doesnt work give her financial independence.Dont make her ask you for small amounts of money.
Seventh..make sure she really wants to marry before you go ahead with your marriage.I am talking about arranged marriages
Eighth.....take short vacations whenever you get time and dont be stingy when it comes to holidaying.

Most important of all ,make her feel wanted all the time. No comments like you look jaded or uninteresting and encourage her to dress nicely.

Well, all this is possible only if you make enough money, so work hard, you men folk. A loving and caring wife can make life really worth living.....

-- K Raghu

Just shut up and agree with your wife!!

-- Sandeep Mandhyan

be responsible
complain if you dont like something.

-- Cute Plumcake

Simply avoid watching Ekta Kapoor's and similar TV serials and learn to compromise for each other.

-- Paratwada

Sacrifice and Compromise!!!!
I always remember these golden words uttered by one of our guest in 1995, while we were living as bachelors in Mumbai. Same year I got married and have a loving and understanding better half who is best friend and guide in need.

-- Pankaj Pipariya

I am a married person enjoying married life for more than 20 years. Inspite of all good and bad phases I observe that following may contribute great way to make a marriage success-

1. Don't disclose your past to your spouse;
2. Make a common minimum programme and honour it;
3. Give space to your partner;
4. Let your partner enjoy with his/her friends at least once a week;
5. Don't impose your likings or dislikings;
6. Understand each other deeply;
7. Keep your self clean in all respect;
8. Enjoy new ways to enjoy sex; Sex is a tonic of happy married life;
9. Do something to make your partner feel important;
10. Understand to avoid misunderstanding;

-- Vinod

I am a marriage and dating counsellor...

I help college going boys to date more beautiful i know all these things like the back of my hand...

Following things make a marriage fail :

1) Not having enough should have it atleast twice on a daily basis...

2) Wife earning more than husband - This is a sureshot road to woman wants to see her husband a lame ass loser...all women want their husbands to be winners in life...

3) The man should never have a paunch...that is the biggest turnoff and makes the woman lose respect...

If you take care of these aspects, you can look forward to a great married life...

-- Spitting Cobra

Marriage is bullshit. i thought marriage is heaven but its worst then hell. if you all reading this message still wanna marry then take enough time to understand each other. understanding is very imp. a hasty decision can ruin ur whole life.

-- Neha Gandhi

Respond, Dont React.

-- Rakesh R

There are 10 steps which would make marriage works for ever

1) first and foremost to find boys and girls horoscope matching. This is first because from the horoscope one can find how far a couple can adjust with each other.

2) their education level. normally the boy should have studied more or equivalent to girls education.

3) the age difference between 3 to 5 is best. For example if the boys age is 28 and the girls age is 23 or 24, then this match would work well. In this case girl would give respect.

4)family background of boy and girl.

5)monetory position.

6)same caste is better.

7)like wise vegetarian and non vegetarian.

8)there must be some senior people to advise both good and bad of the events.

9) boy's capability of taking responsiblity of the family.

10)both parents wish.

With these I am sure the marriage will be successful.

-- R Murali

My Two Tips are:
1. Be a little deaf
2. Be a little blind
In other words, be tolerant and understanding. Ignore minor defects in your partner.

-- Alan Collaco

Do you have any suggestions on how to make a marriage work? Simply post your comments on the message board below!