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'Does your partner annoy you?' Reader responses!

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September 20, 2007 13:14 IST

Last week, we asked you to tell us which of your partner's habits you find most annoying. Everyone had a different opinion -- while some readers told us to mind our own business, others had some sound advice for irate couples! Here's a few good responses!

When she is back from work, she literally is annoyed with anything and everything be it right or wrong. Best strategy then is to just keep quite and let the storm pass away. But during that moment you have to agree that you are a male Chauvinist. No way out!!!

-- Mahesh Jha

Most times when i am speaking something serious he is inside the tv i get annoyed at times at stop discussing things with him but still i love him

-- Deepti Nair

When we are in love (obv. before marriage) we like any and everything aboout our partner. We could not see any annying habit. Every thing is so guddy and mushy muhsy. But living together is a big deal and a kind of eye opener, cause small small habits like do not picking up the towel from bed, not keeping shoes in the rack, not saying I Love You anymore, gluing to television like he used to be with you etc. etc. annoys a lot.

-- Anonymous

As the time passes both husband and wife get busy with the demands of their life and start forgetting how they tried to woo and impress each other in the beginning period of their courtship. They also forget to say 'I love you' to each other. These three words are a wonderful way to keep the old feelings alive to some extent. And here starts the annoying program due to small small habits which would not have been so if there had been same zeal in luv.

-- Vandana G

"What I say or do is always better listen to me" This is one command line of the spouse that hurts you the most. If one can sit together and discuss matters and arrive at a solution that all can accept including your children there will not be any room for ill feelings in a family. But...are we looking for a 'ever so a wonderful life' here? No way! Ups and downs in life ...arguments and fights are part and parcel of any married life. You don't see a straight line of happiness through out you life. If it is so, you will never know how to face hard times. So annoying habits of your spouse is too to be accepted if you have to live a normal life.

-- MM

There cn be habits in ur partnr that annoy u but don't u have annoying habits????instead of finding fault in our spouse is it not better is v live with the schortcomings & he/she does the same .Life will be definately better with no scope for cribbing.Marriage is abt living together happily not cribbing & sulking.

-- Rati Wadhwa

I have lots of habits that annoys my parner. I should not be alive had all her curses come true

-- Patmankool

When partner wants space..warning bell
Signs of a cheating spouse:

 A cheating women must use the excuse of working long hours, extra meetings and shoppings or other unexplained functions so she will have time with her other man. 

Your affectionate life is almost non-existent because of her other commitments. She doesnt want to cuddle, watch a movie, hold hands or do many of the touchy things she used to.

Appearances change: Cheating women usually start buying new clothes, gets a new hair style or begins working out because she wants to be attractive to the other man in her life besides you.

More cheating: Women become short-tempered because of the guilt feelings, as a result of the infidelity. Things that usually did not bother them suddenly start bothering them.

Behavioral defensive changes when a questioned cheating woman is asked frequently about her whereabouts. She may turn it around to accuse you of being insecure, possessive or snoopy.

Cheating woman leaves the cellphone off when with you because her other man may phone her. She may leave the room to have a telephone conversation or say strange things after she picks up a message from her lover. Watch for calls in the middle of the night.

-- Vaghelasv

Do any of your partner's habits annoy you? Post your opinions on the message board below!