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Does your partner have a habit that annoys you?

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September 13, 2007 13:07 IST

Yesterday, in the article 'Time, space and all that living-together stuff', we featured five couples, with each partner speaking about the other's annoying habits.

Today, we're asking you -- which of your partner's habits do you find most annoying?

Does he/ she watch television for too long, or smoke even though you think it's a disgusting habit?

Or maybe one of you is a cleanliness freak, while the other is a slob?

Of course you're in a relationship because you love the person you're with, but after the initial I-love-everything-about-you phase settles, tiny things start getting on your nerves.

And we want to know about them! So post your experiences, opinions and advice regarding your partner's pet peeves on the message board below!