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Celebrating Karwa Chauth: Reader responses!

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October 31, 2007 14:40 IST

On the occasion of Karwa Chauth on October 29, we asked readers whether they celebrate it or not. We also asked for opinions on whether the concept of a woman fasting all day for the wellbeing of her partner is outdated, or should be upheld in the name of tradition.

Needless to say, we received many responses -- here are a few that make for interesting reading!

This festival does not promote gender inequality. I remember once I was pregnant and was hesitant to do this but then my mother-in-law told me that if I won't do he will do.(My Husband). So in some parts of Rajasthan it's the tradition that either one of the couple keeps fast for happy married life.

-- Balkrishan R Jajoo

There is no visibility of moon here in Singapore and my wife is not ready to break the fast. Is there any means to break the fast without the visibilty of moon.

-- Dattatraya Amingad

If it is only for love i would fast for his well being but if it is booking him for next life no way

-- Maria Fernandes

As a husband i too fast on Karva Chauth , this shows my affection towards her, this does not mean the husband who do not fast does not love.
its all about celebrating & enjoying life

-- Shailesh Parashar

Fasting is observed for the upliftment of the life and not for other ends.

So it is not for a fun !!!!!!!!!!!

-- Padmanabha Holla

There is too much of media hype and societal pressure that is actually pressing too many women to observe such fasts. In India fasts are always only for sons / husbands / brothers. Do u know any such fasts in Indian for daughters / wives / sisters.

These traditional rituals smell of gender discrimination. We shud love and respect each other all the time and one does't hv to feel forced to observe such fasts to obtain social certificates.

-- Pratima Bisen

Do we celebrate men's day in India? Men celebrate women's day for you dont they Pratima? DO You celebrate men's day for them? DO you smell any gender discrimination there??? I dont think you have an answer... I dont know why females see discrimination in every thing they put their eyes on... Just cant understand..Probably have to do something with their insecurity being females..

-- Need Advice

I am unmarried. Iska matlab main abhi tak ullu nahi bana. :)

-- Knowsoft


-- Manu Baba

Dear All,
A very Happy Karwa Chauth to all... one of the most beautiful festival of India, filled with selflessness and generates so much love.. I was just thinking - is this not our own Valentines day? Should this day not be celeberated all over India in the way we celeberate a day which is imported out of the western world, and is filled with materialistc gifts and has no ritual / selfless love attached to it? Ponder over the thought and write back...
Happy Karwa Chawth Again to all !!

-- Shibani Hakim

What do you think of the Karwa Chauth tradition? Do you celebrate it or not? Post your comments on the message board below!