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The craziest thing I ever did: Your responses!

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October 02, 2007 09:30 IST

Last week, we asked our readers to share stories about the most outrageous thing they've ever done in their lives. Well, we were flooded with a ton of responses, some funny, some wierd and some downright unbelievable! Here's a few of the most entertaining tales!

I was holidaying in Pattaya and as you all know what it is famous for. I was walking alone in a very famous lane called Walking street and I was approached by a very beautiful girl and said she can spend time with me and she will charge 2000 bahts,it was my first day and she was such a beautiful one that I could not resist her. I was like on cloud nine and took her to my hotel room and when it was all about to begin, to my horror I found out that she(he) was a shemale and I was like shocked and I just cant explain my horrible experience finally I had to pay 2000 bahts and get rid of her. It was a blessing in disguise and after that I did not go for it. I just enjoyed the place and came back a happy man.

-- Shanoj Kumar

Just wanted to act like a super hero so jumped from second floor and luckily i landed safely.

-- Hiral R Vasani

I couldn't have done anything crazier than eating raw tobacco leaves used along with paan at the age of 6 with my uncle who was 8 at that time while no one was at home. We gulped the tobacco pulp. Both felt totally dizzy and fell flat on floor. We could barely stand up after that. Our servant helped us to get to neighbours house. The landlady gave us tamarind to eat and the effect of tobacco vanished.

-- MM

I applied groundnut oil on my hair to try out something crazy.
I lost a lot of hair, which eventually came back.
What a mess!
He he!

-- Prachi Acharekar

I loved a girl who works with indiagames for 10 years she ditched me,but the craziest thing i am doing i am still waiting for her..nevermind

-- Vikram Shah

I don't know how to swim but once I jumped from a rock; about 18 feet high (about the height of a second floor) into the river ganga, with a life jacket on. I went many feet deep inside thr river but witin seconds I was out on the surface when my husband, who is a good swimmer, helped me out of the water. This incident happened when when I had gone for white water river rafting excursion in rishikesh. My guide prompted me to go for it & I took it up as a challenge. My husband who was watching me do this crazy thing stood frozen for minutes!!!

-- Ritika Taneja

Had SEX in a rose garden at 2am on the beachfront in a Middle eastern country

-- Ppoms

I was once travelling as an escort officer on an Indian Airlines flight from Bombay to Madras. I was sitting next to Aishwarya Rai in the executive class.Naturally, she was getting all the attention from the passengers and cabin crew. I felt neglected. I wanted to play wicked. Very casually, I picked up a conversation with her. She was not interested in talking to me.I asked her " What do you do"? She was flabbergasted and did not know how to react. She called an airhostess and requested for a change of seat. I got down from the plane feeling that Aishwarya lost to me.

-- Shahanshah Mirza

The craziest(or most exciting)thing for me wud have to be bunjee jumping twice in a span of 45 minutes!n the cramps u suffer after that reminds u of the feat for atleast 3 days...but i wud say worth experience in life

-- Ritika Nagpal

I was in class VI at that time and just came back after finishing my long summer vacations at my Nani Ma's place and was highly nostalgic because of that.Three days later my school session was starting again and I wanted that something happens and the school could not start for another 1-2 months so that we could go back.I decided to do something myself and took some petrol from my father's scooter in a bottle and went to the back of the school (it was a KV,so forget about security and all)..emptied the perol bottle on the wall and set the fire on with a match stick and RAN at the top speed towards my home.After running for around a KM.,I decided to turn back and expected that I would see smoke rising in the sky because by now school would have caught fire left and right..but actually nothing happened..later when I grew up I understood that just by emptying .4 litre petrol on a thick cement wall,I could not set a building on fire..LOL..I still feel thrilled when I remember that incident....

-- Lenovo

After planning with my friends in college, I reached college in bare minimum clothes (plz. understand !!!!!!) and told teachers & students that I have been robbed of money and books. Collected good amount and enjoyed feast with friends later.

-- Nirmal Gautam

I am a big Movie buff and on Sat 21 Apr 07 I saw 6 movies in one single day, despite working a full night shift on Friday. Here is how it went.
Venue Movietime Multiplex - The Hub Goregaon(E)
11:00 - TNMT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
13:00 - Meet the Robinsons
15:00 - Bheja Fry
16:50 - Eragon
19:00 - Mr Bean's Holiday
Venue Fun Republic - Andheri(W)
23:00 The Shooter


-- Swapnil

What is the craziest thing YOU'VE ever done? Post your comments on the message board below!