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'I could not able to do it'

By Shilpa Archaya, SM Hussein
May 03, 2007 14:31 IST

Terrible grammar and error-riddled speech is frequently a problem for young adults.


Poor English makes you sound unprofessional and can lead to laughs at your expense! If you need to touch up on your English, or just want a few giggles, read on!


Continuing our user-driven series on common English bloopers, let's highlight a few mistakes overhead by users.


Shilpa Archaya sent several bloopers she encounters frequently.


~ Please return my book back.

~ Could you repeat that last line again?


In both cases, the final word is redundant. When you return a book, you give it back to the owner. When you repeat a line, you're saying it again. They should read:


~ Please return my book.

~ Could you repeat that last line?


Shilpa also noted the following common mistake.


~ I, my sister and Deepa went to the mall


'I' and 'me' are always placed at the end of a list of names/ pronouns. The correct usage is:


~ My sister, Deepa and I went to the mall.


SM Hussein from Andhra Pradesh notes the prevalence of other redundancies:


~ The fish aquarium is very large.

~ The dance ballet was lovely.


In both cases, the descriptive word is unnecessary. An aquarium houses fish and a ballet is always a dance! The correct usage is simply:


~ The aquarium is very large.

~ The ballet was lovely.


Another mistake Hussein hears frequently:


~ I could not able to do it, sir.


In this case, either able should be removed or could should be replaced with was. Here are the two correct possibilities:


~ I could not do it, sir.

~ I was not able to do it, sir.


 Later this week, we'll provide gut-busting bloopers arising from errant Hindi-English translations!



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We thank our readers for the witty emails detailing common English bloopers they've come across! Keep them coming in, and we'll keep publishing. This is the third in a series of articles featuring your responses.

If you'd like to share common bloopers you come across when people speak/ write in English, do mail your list of common bloopers, along with their correct alternative to -- we'll highlight them right here as a helpful guide to those trying to improve their English. Also make sure you include your FULL NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION and the CITY you are based in.

Shilpa Archaya, SM Hussein