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Rediff.com  » Getahead » Would you like to study in shifts?

Would you like to study in shifts?

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Last updated on: June 15, 2007 13:01 IST

Mumbai University has done it! It has taken a decision that may one day revolutionise the education sector in India.

It has allowed colleges affiliated to it to conduct popular courses in double shifts. The 490 colleges affiliated to Mumbai University can admit more students after they implement this landmark decision.

Is this an idea whose time has come? Would you be comfortable going to college in shifts? Should this decision be implemented across India? 

What do you think will be the advantages and disadvantages of such a move? Will colleges be able to get teachers who will happily oblige?

Do you think this will help more students attend college? Will it help more students to do the course of their choice? Is this the solution needed to help more young Indians to join the educated mainstream?

Will this make the quota system redundant? Tell us.

Your views can help shape this revolutionary idea and change the way in which India educates itself.

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