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Are you happy with your credit card company?

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July 24, 2007 12:58 IST

Credit cards are fast becoming a convenient mode of payment in India. According to estimates, there are 22 million credit card users in India. What's more, the number of credit card users is increasing by a nifty 30 per cent every year.

At this rate, there will be nearly 50 million credit card users in India by 2010. But selling credit cards is different from servicing such a huge user base.

Everyday, we read in newspapers/ the Internet about how credit card users are shortchanged by their respective companies.

This lends itself to many questions: 

~ Do you get your credit card statement before the due date or after it?

~ Are credit card helpline numbers useful when solving your queries when you call?

~ Do you get threatening calls from debt recovery agents if you don't pay up in time or default on your payments?

~ Is there any instance of you getting good services from your credit card company?

~ Do they sell you credit card linked products without explaining the fine print to you?

~ What other problems are you facing from your credit card company?

~ And finally, are you happy with your credit card company?

Tell us.