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Telesales calls: 'They should be made fun of'

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July 23, 2007 16:37 IST

We recently featured a few fun ways of dealing with telesales calls here on Get Ahead and invited readers to contribute their own ideas towards the same. Opinions about telemarketing varied to the extreme, but we've managed to pick out a few fun responses for you to enjoy -- as they are!

Last year lot of us were getting harrassed by calls for taking loan from ABN Amro. Inspite of repeated request to take off our mobile nos, it did not work. Finall what worked is below

Next time we got a call, we asked if we could speak to someone senior as we wanted to open bulk accounts with ABN Amro for our associates. We got their Vice President (Sales) Telephone No in Delhi. Then my colleague called up his mobile no when he was busy in a meeting. When he said that he is busy in a meeting, my colleague replied there is something very urgent that he needs to speak about. So the VP quipped, tell me. Immediately My colleague started telling him about a wonderful software we have which does accountancy and 100 other things and we would be glad to sell it to ABN Amro for a big discount. Naturally the VP got very angry and shouted on the line ' Are you Crazy'. Immediately my friend replied that 'Yes I'm crazy. But this is what your people do to me when I am busy in middle of a meeting and I get a call for a loan'. I don't know what the VP did. But the menace of ABN Amro Telemarketing calls stopped.

-- Anonymous

Whenever a telemarketer perticularly investment or insurance one, calls you, simply show that you are very much interested and when they ask you your age say 75 yrs.

-- Hassan Farhan

The telemarketer will directly address by ur name..ask him/her very politely abt who gave them your no. and address. (they'll resist) when you have finished, tell him/her to hand over the phone to their legal advisor or the most superior person in office. When he/she takes over...tell him/her that you are recording the conversation and why should you NOT file a case against for calling you without your consent and get their company blacklisted and locked !

-- Rajesh Kamal

Please note that callers working in telemarketing agencies are also human beings, who are working on nominal salaries to make their living. If you dont like the call, say that politely and cut the call. This is so cruel!

-- Jishith G

Hey...have any of you wet blankets heard about...pranks...sense of humor...good time...hello hello...laugsville calling to mopy town....

my favourites:
1. Act really dumb...keep asking them to repeat really simple stuff.
2. cut them mid sentence and ask them a question in an imaginary language.
3. Start a, movies watched, lovelife...

Trust me as long as you're not abusive it's all good fun..


                                                                                                                                                   -- Siddharth Correya

I used to receive lot of calls from citi/abn amro/hdfc/icici banks for credit cards, personal loan, insurance & what not. Initially they were increasing my vocabullary in money market but later on it was very annoying. Initially I used to politely reply in 'NO', later on used to hang up without replying but when nothing worked, following proved to be master piece.

Everytime I used to get such calls, I said, "Sahab toilet gaye hai". I got about twice or thrice a repeat call but then it literally stopped to a level that when I was in need of a personal loan, I was required to walk in to a bank.

But good thing is call stopped....

 -- Anonymous

It's a pure nonsense article. I agree, we feel disturbed by Tele MArketing Calls, but at the same time we should not hurt others feeling, just because of doing their job.

-- Bharat Vemareddy

Yes, they should be made fun off. This is a social menace and should be stopped. Telemarketing should be treated no different from a crime. This is pure harrassment. Period.

-- Anonymous

Whatever you may say.. The guys / gals in the job may have their compulsions. BUT NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO INTRUDE ON MY PRIVACY. These tele marketers have made the life hell. The best way to deal with them, is to call them to your office and then tell them politely that you dont need their product. This is the best way to get your name deleted from their data bases.

-- Gaurav Sharma

That made for some light-hearted reading... People who feel it was a nasty article should learn to lighten up a bit..... every profession is made fun of in some way or the other eg: accountants, lawyers, psychiatrists, counsellors etc...... I myself worked as a telemarketer when i was young & reading this did'nt bother me.... so please, learnt to take things in the right spirit!!

-- Ann Kunnel

You've probably been harassed by sales calls at one time or other -- how did you deal with them? Share your experiences and advice with us right here!