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Do you use your cellphone while driving?

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July 18, 2007 11:39 IST

Our police force has tried every trick in the book to get drivers to stop using cell phones -- signs, fines and their favourite age-old tactic, arm-twisting -- but it seems that there are very few who take it seriously.

Drivers today use either a cordless headset to avoid holding a mobile during a conversation, or then switch it to loudspeaker mode and yak away.

And it doesn't end there -- yes, we have among us respected citizens of society who actually text message while driving. So if you're not very careful crossing the road, you just may end up kissing the bumper of a pretty young thing who simply had to SMS what's-her-name about the new hot guy at the local gym, traffic rules be damned! 

Now we're asking you -- frankly (!) -- do you chat or text message on your mobile phone while driving?

Have you ever been caught? What is your opinion on the subject?

Do you think the law is making mountains out of molehills, or are cellphones a potentially dangerous distraction when you're in the driver's seat?

We invite our readers to share their experiences, opinions and advice in this regard.