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Are you a victim of debt-recovery agents?

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July 05, 2007 15:04 IST

Recently, a private sector bank's debt-recovery agents were in the news for allegedly kidnapping and then killing a loan defaulter from Hyderabad.

Though this is the first time debt-recovery agents went to such great extremes, they do have an unsavoury reputation when it comes to dealing with loan defaulters.

Sometimes, they call you up on your cell phone and shower you with the filthiest of abuses; sometimes, they reach your workplace and insult you in front of your colleagues; sometimes they knock on your door and threaten your family members.

Have you, or any of your friends/ relatives/ neighbours, ever been at the wrong end of these debt recovery agents? What was your experience like? 

Should the Indian government enact a law -- like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in force in the US -- to protect borrowers from such extreme harassment?

Tell us.