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Workaholic colleagues: A boon or a bane?

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July 05, 2007 13:19 IST

Today being Workaholic Day, we'd like to ask our readers the following question:

Do you think workaholic colleagues are a boon or a bane?

Is your colleague at work making things easier for you by executing tasks which are your responsibility? Or is he/ she working so hard that your own efforts pale in comparison, and fail to impress the boss?

Workaholic friends at the office can either make life great or make it a misery -- they may ease your burden by doing assignments that are meant for you, but they may also be the only ones to find favour with the boss by out-performing everyone else!

Share your experiences and opinions in this regard. Have you ever had a workaholic colleague who made life heaven/ hell for you? Tell us all about it!