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'Double Income, No Kids', the new mantra?

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February 19, 2007 16:07 IST

A lot has changed in the lifestyle of the average modern-day Indian couple. Both partners these days may have jobs with long hours, in heavily competitive environments.

Call it a need or a want of the hour, many couples seem to be welcoming the additional income. Often, young couples leading such a lifestyle tend to put off having a baby -- either for a while or altogether. Are you?


Do you lead -- what has come to be known as -- a 'double income, no kids' (DINK) lifestyle?

Or are you waiting to be more financially secure before having a baby? 
If so, are you worried that the delay will take a toll on your child-bearing capabilities as a couple? Why are you delaying having kids? Or are you not planning to have kids at all?

If you and your spouse have such a lifestyle (or you are someone with a relevant opinion to offer) do share your views.