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Do you have a mentor at work?

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September 07, 2006 17:24 IST

The Hindi film industry refers to them as godfathers: the people who make your life easier, opening doors for you where none existed before.

Godfathers exist in the corporate arena too, although they play radically different roads. Here, they are simply called 'mentors' -- men or women who take you under their wing and help you tackle all work-related challenges. They are the ones who advise you, help you negotiate tricky decisions and, in general, make your corporate life a whole lot easier.

Some mentors are seniors at your current workplace. Others could be at organisations you have worked with earlier. Or they could be successful professionals from your field who happen to inspire you with their ways of functioning.

So, do you have a mentor? Tell us 

Do you feel that having a mentor helps? If so, how? Share your experiences.

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