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Fared badly in CAT 2006?

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Last updated on: November 20, 2006 17:01 IST

Get Ahead reader Gayathri Bhanusekar, a project engineer with an IT company based in Chennai, took the CAT this year. Her article may give you some fodder for thought.

Everybody talks about tips and strategies for the Common Admission Test on November 19. Well, I didn't want to add more to what people should do on D-Day. I would rather put forth my opinion on how the CAT is NOT the end of life.
Among the sea of aspirants each year, a big section is of those who face CAT behave as though their life depends on it. The argument offered is that CAT is one of the toughest, probably THE toughest exam in the world. Agreed. I also agree that it tests the smartness and time management skills that shape future managers.

But the exam certainly does not indicate that you are incompetent vis-a-vis those who have cracked it. The ones who make it to the IIMs are intelligent and smart, but that does not imply you are a fool.

So, what if the IIMs have not called? If you think MBA is the only way for you, take the exam again. If not, move on. There might be something better waiting for you.

Statistics speak of many people who made it without an MBA and in certain cases, made it bigger than one can imagine. Dhirubhai Ambani is a case in point.

Do you still think that the IIMs are the only place that can give you six-figure salaries and brand names to boast of? Share your opinion with us.

Are you someone who has made it without an MBA? Tell us.

Join the debate!

Gayathri Bhanusekar