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Where must I invest now?

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May 18, 2006 11:44 IST

Where must I put my money? Where can I invest now?

These two crucial questions are faced by every investor today.

The best returns from the stock market would have been made if one had invested when the Sensex was at 6000 levels or less. Now, with it so volatile chances of making a big buck have faded.

Diversified equity mutual funds and other equity funds are but a reflection of the market.

What about real estate? Property seems to be booming, making one wonder if the bubble will burst in the near future.

Gold, too, has touched great highs.

With interest rates are on the rise, bank fixed deposits do appear more appealing.

Besides, the Public Provident Fund and National Savings Certificates are always there.

Then there are balanced funds (investing in stocks and fixed return instruments) and debt funds (investing only in fixed return investments).

Here's what we want to know: what do you think is the best investment avenue right now? And why. Tell us.