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Do we treat our doctors right?

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May 17, 2006 16:25 IST

A doctor, they say, is next to God because s/he has the power to heal. But ask our doctors and most of them will say they that our country treats them like demons.

They will say that, crushed between quotas and paid seats, very few among the thousands of aspiring doctors make it on merit alone.

They will say that, even after they graduate, the post-graduate medical entrance exams repeat that process of being crushed between quotas and money power. And like the fiasco over this year's All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance proves, there are other ways to crush a doctor's morale.

Speak to our graduate doctors and they will point out that they work 18 hour shifts in government hospitals and live in conditions that breed disease. They will say the media paints them as villains and, even when they agitate, they are crushed by a system that tortures healers.

Are you a graduate doctor? Do you have your own horror story to tell? Do you want to point out something that is terribly wrong with the way India treats its doctors? Do you think there are too few seats for post-graduate studies in medicine? Do you think corruption has crippled the system?

This is your platform then. Your platform to share your views on how to make our medical education system better. How to ensure we create doctors who know society cares about them just as much as they care about their patients.

We will do our best to ensure your voice reaches the ears of the powers that be. We will make your grievances public, so that the country can sit up and take notice.