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Do you hate your boss?

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March 14, 2006 13:14 IST

They come in different avatars -- good ones, bad ones, those who mentor us, those who bully us, those who are indifferent, etc.

We are talking about THE BOSS -- that one person who can make your professional life a challenging journey or a traumatic dead-end.

Whatever your experiences with the Boss, we want to hear it ALL.

When s/he took credit for some of YOUR best ideas.

When s/he accepted your ideas and gave YOU credit.

How s/he expects you to slave day in and day out, without respite.

The times when s/he supported you during a non-work related crisis.

Or maybe how s/he is a great visionary who truly inspires you.

And do share with us your vision of a dream boss.

This is YOUR space. And we want to hear it all.