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Should I join an airhostess academy?

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June 12, 2006 17:27 IST

Get Ahead reader Andrea S has set her sights very high, literally.

Her dream is to be an airhostess and she is exploring the option of joining an airhostess training academy to improve her job prospects.

However, before signing up, she needs more information. This is what she wants to know:

What is the value of an airhostess training course in the job market?

How expensive is it to do such a course from private academies?

What does one learn at an airhostess academy?

Which are the best/ worst ones?

What is the eligibility?

Give Andrea a helping hand by posting your views, information, tips and suggestions.

If you are an airhostess (who may/ may not have done such a course), an HR recruiter with an airline, a student at an airhostess training academy or a placement consultant who recommends candidates to various airlines, Andrea would love to hear from you.

Write in today.

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