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If you were a billionare...

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July 21, 2006 09:06 IST

Millions globally gasped in astonishment when Warren Buffett, legendary investor and the world's second richest man, willed most of his wealth to charity.

But make no mistake. He is not cutting his children out of his fortune because they are 'losers' or refuse to join the family business. He believes he gave them a good start and it is up to them to carve out their own place. 

He also believes that setting up his heirs with a huge fortune can be 'harmful' for them; and it would be 'an antisocial act' on his part.

So tell us, dear reader, what would you do if you were one of the wealthiest people on this planet? Would you leave it all to your children? Most of it to your children or most of it to charity? Or would you go the Warren Buffet way?

We would love to hear from you.