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Rediff.com  » Getahead » Tell us: Your favourite street food hotspots

Tell us: Your favourite street food hotspots

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July 20, 2006 13:10 IST

If you have just Rs 20 in your pocket, where would you eat?

Will you head to the local Samosa guy just around the corner?

Or do you prefer a spicy concoction of hot Rassa Omelette, served with Chicken Curry, any day?

Or would you make a beeline for that dingy-looking but always-crowded kebab hub? You regularly sample other treats too: Vada Pao, Chaat, Lassi, Falooda, Tandoori Chicken etc.

Is your mouth watering already?

Then you obviously have a penchant for street food.

Tell us about your favourite street food joint/dhabha in your city/town/district.

Mention the location, price and a description of the food.

Also you MUST, of course, be able to get that filling treat for Rs 20 or less.

Share your gastronomic experiences today!

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