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Is your company spying on you?

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Last updated on: December 12, 2006 16:16 IST
You're in the midst of your working day and feel like a break.

So you log onto a social networking site and surf for a bit.

Or chat with your pals on a messenger service.

Or browse some of your favourite news, sports or fashion sites.

Maybe, you log onto your mail and send off a few cheesy 'non-veg' jokes. Or that steamy letter to your girlfriend. Or, maybe, just bitch about your boss to a few trustworthy pals -- he deserves it, considering how miserable he has made your life lately.

Do you know you might be watched? By your boss at that?

In India, monitoring an employee's electronic activity may be limited to controlling Internet access -- many companies don't provide it, or provide it to select employees/ departments. You may be allowed to send and receive e-mail, but only through your official company e-mail id.

If you are allowed access to the Internet, you may find that your browsing is limited to certain sites only.

In short, the company attempts to restrict any activity that may reduce productivity or get the company into any kind of legal trouble.

Are you allowed uninterrupted Internet access? Does your company keep track of your electronic activity? How do you deal with this? Do you believe it is justified or is it an invasion of your privacy?

Tell us.