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Your Say: To kiss or not to kiss

Last updated on: April 20, 2006 17:44 IST

You may want to steal a few kisses from your guy/ girl when you are outside your home.


The country's moral police have struck again and are keeping an eye out for couples lip-locking in public.

New Delhi's authorities decided a fine of Rs 50 rupees levied under a 1936 law was too little to deter couples.

So, now, love birds who display their affection in public will be fined Rs 500 if caught making 'illegal use' of public spaces.

What's your take on this latest amendment?

A ban on dancing, curfews for pubs/ nightclubs, legal suits against nude models, a clamp down on dance bars, et al -- is the moral police going too far?

Do you think there should be a consensus before such rules are introduced?

Are we getting our priorities wrong and chasing trivial issues?

Also, have YOU been a victim of moral policing?

Consider this your space to rave, rant, vent your views and experiences on the subject.

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