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Review your college!

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May 31, 2005 15:31 IST

Colleges are about to open.

A new academic year is about to begin.

Some of you wish the vacations could have lasted a bit longer.

And some of you look forward to college reopening for all kinds of reasons.

a. You love to participate in your college festival and all those activities.

b. You want to score well in your examinations this year and prove your mettle.

c. You love spending time in the college canteen with your friends.

So how cool is your college?

Rate your college for us!

Let us know what you think about your college's academic programme, its fee structure, its fun activities, its canteen, etc.

Make sure you mention your name, age, telephone number and mailing address. And don't forget to mention which year you are studying in. Unload the bouquets and the brickbats!