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Now, a fairness cream for men

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July 18, 2005 16:43 IST

It's becoming an all-beautiful world.

If you thought women are the only ones being pampered by the cosmetic companies for that perfect makeover, take a look around.

The new customers of the beauty industry are men -- what with various skin-care brands, both national and international, increasingly targeting them with their products. Within India, we have Emami and kaya skin slinic wooing the male fraternity with their products and services; internationally there are brands like Clarins and Shiseido pitching in with their wares.

French cosmetics and skincare major, Clarins, has come out with seven products for men and will be launching three others soon.

These products range from Active Face Scrub and Under Eye Serum to Moisture Balm and Total Wrinkle Control. Besides, it has also come out with a product called Fatigue Fighter for men that claims to provide tired skin with an 'immediate, refreshing boost' to eliminate signs of stress and fatigue.

The company recently opened an outlet at Hyderabad Central and will soon open a 'beauty studio' that will provide various services for skincare. However, for men, the treatment at the beauty studio will be restricted to facials only.

"Around 12 percent of our revenues in India come from the sales of men's products as compared to six percent in Thailand and around seven percent in Singapore. This shows that men over here are highly conscious of their looks, " says Gilles Beroud, vice-president (Asia) at Clarins.  

The decades old company launched products for men approximately two years back.

Besides Clarins, another international brand offering its products to Indian men is Shiseido. This Japanese company, offers ten products for men ranging from Cleansing Foam and Energising Formula to an Eye Soother and Body Creator Abdomen Toning Gel.

Closer home, we have Emami Limited's fairness product for men -- Fair And Handsome -- that has been exclusively launched in Andhra Pradesh around a month back.

"The response in the last one month has been good and while we thought that our customers would start from 18-year-olds, a large number of teenaged schoolgoing boys are trying out this product," says Mohan Goenka, director, Emami Limited.

The company has already achieved sales of Rs 1 crore in Andhra Pradesh and Goenka says they will launch Fair And Handsome in other southern states soon.

Explaining the rationale behind the increasing focus of men on their looks, Rakesh Pandey, chief executive officer, kaya skin clinic, says the world has become a global village wherein working men have to travel, meet clients, make presentations and win contracts.

"That's why they are more conscious of their looks now, so that they can present themselves well," he says.

Interestingly, in the south, the skin care clinic gets a good 30 percent of its revenues from men.


Barkha Shah