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Do you approve of pre-marital sex?

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July 07, 2005 17:43 IST

Young people in cities are moving away from the traditional mindset on sex, physical relationships and virginity. In fact, a majority of Delhi's youth have 'no problem' towards pre-marital sex, claims a new research.

Quote... Unquote -- the research that was carried out among school-going kids in the age group of 12-19 in the cities of Delhi and Bhopal -- found that pre-marital sexual relationships are more acceptable among the young in Delhi as compared to those in Bhopal.

'The majority of the respondents from Delhi expressed a 'no problem' attitude towards pre-marital sexual behaviour,' the research, carried out by a group of young people from the two cities under the guidance of experts, claimed.

A total of 98 adolescents -- 37 females and 61 males -- from Bhopal, and 241 adolescents from Delhi -- 121 females and 120 males -- participated in the study. The report would be presented to the Planning Commission tomorrow, said Deepak Gupta, the international development consultant who guided the research.

'Forty-six percent of the females and 36 percent of the males from Delhi reported they would wait until marriage to have a sexual relationship,' said the study. In comparison, 67 percent of the females and 74 percent of the males from Bhopal said they would abstain from sex until marriage.

Over half of Delhi's boys approved of sexual contact between unmarried lovers. However, only 27 percent from Bhopal approved of such behaviour, said the report.

Thirty seven percent of the boys in Delhi felt girls should remain virgins until they married. Similarly only 44 percent girls believed so for boys.

Do you approve of pre-marital sex? Do you think it is just too dangerous? Do you believe sex should wait until you are married? Let us know!

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