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Did Gilchrist cheat?

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May 08, 2007 19:01 IST

Adam Gilchrist's squash ball-in-glove issue may have kicked up a mini-row in Sri Lanka, but the cricket fraternity in India sees it as an unnecessary fuss over an innocuous ploy.

"I think this is nothing but an unnecessary controversy. Gilchrist did not use a bat longer or wider than prescribed. He did not do anything that violates any law and there is no need to make an issue out of it," said former India stumper Kiran More.

Former player and ex-coach Madan Lal feels the same and says nothing should be taken away from Gilchrist's knock.

After hitting the match-winning knock of 149 in the World Cup final against Sri Lanka, Gilchrist, who had an average run of form till the final, revealed that he had put a squash ball in his batting glove when he went out to bat for a better grip and it paid off.

More than a week after the final, Sri Lanka Cricket Secretary Kangadaran Mathivanan alleged it may not be illegal under existing ICC rules but all the same it was as unethical as Trevor Chappell's infamous underarm delivery.

Mathivanan is also planning to take the case to ICC.

Meanwhile, the Australian cricket authorites have laughed off the matter saying its a "storm in a tea-cup, or a glove."

Do you think the squash ball in the glove gave Gilchrist an added advantage and thus would be tantamount to cheating?

Tell us.