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Talk Cricket Live, 24/7

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February 16, 2007 11:39 IST

24 days, seven hours, 12 minutes, 37 seconds to go for the World Cup, as we write this - and already, the debates are getting more frenetic, discussions more intense, the excitement more palpable.

Our mailboxes have been inundated with ideas, suggestions, requests and information - for all of which, thank you so much. Many of these suggestions are now in various stages of implementation; you should see them reflect on the site in coming days.

Several readers wrote in with a particular suggestion, best summed up in this reader mail from New Jersey:

"I came to the India-Sri Lanka message board the morning after the game, and had fun going through the messages and commenting on some. Why can't that be a regular feature, where all of us cricket fans, in various parts of the world, get to join the discussion during our own daytime, and keep in touch with fans from other parts of the world?"

Why not, indeed?! Here you go - a message board that will stay open 24/7, from now until the World Cup begins (at which point we will have other, more specific discussion forums for you).

Discuss the game, post your thoughts, share links to interesting stories you found in course of your browsing, make friends - it's all yours.

And if you have questions for our sports/cricket reporters, post them here, too. We'll keep checking, and responding, through our working days.