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The Bappi Lahiri Chat

Bappi Lahiri, unflappable, as usual.

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:12 IST)
Hi everybody, Bappi Lahiri here. Tonight, I'm with you everybody:-) and anything you have to ask me about my musical career or new upcoming movies you can ask. Today is a very great event. I'm at Rediff On The NeT. My privilege they have called me. I am very much happy to come over here.

Nandini (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:15 IST)
Mr Lahiri, did I tell you that I used to freak out on your music when I was in my teens? Dance Dance and all those Mithun stuff.. wow, man, you had something going there!!

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:19 IST)
Nandini: I started disco music in Indian films, especially Suraksha, the first picture with Mithun, it was a phenomenal hit, and then I have given Disco Dancer, and then it started like a Disco wave all over India. Young generation liked the songs of Rambha Ho in Arman and Hari Om Hari in Pyaara Dushman, and my private album with Runa Laila named Superuna.

That time the music was so much fresh and it was a new type of music in the industry. Now the same type of music is being enjoyed by the generation all over India and all over Asia. This is my privilege to have given today's music in the 1980s.

Nandini (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:17 IST)
Mr Lahiri, now let me ask you a couple of questions I have been dying to ask you. Number one: you have been away a long, long time. What's happening? Has the market slid from under you, or is it 'cos of some personal reasons?

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:22 IST)
Nandini: I have given music for 400 films in 26 years, and I'm now very choosy and want to give good music every year like Aankhen, Sawaali Saloni teri jheel se aankhen. I have become a producer. It is my prediction that Love Story'98 will be the greatest musical hit of the year. Lovers of my music will enjoy the fresh and melodious music.

Nandini (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:22 IST)
Mr Lahiri, since you are my hero, I think I will overlook your pompousness! *g* Now tell me, isn't it queer that all the singers you used -- Vinod Rathod, Alisha, yes, Runa Laila etc etc -- they have all sunk (like yourself, I should add) into oblivion. Why?

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:25 IST)
Nandini: It is a very wrong question because my career was spent with Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar -- they are already legends of the music industry of India. What names you have given I have introduced them -- not Vinod Rathod -- but Alisha Chinai in Tarzan. Alisha also is the most popular singer among them all.

romit (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:25 IST)
Hi Bappi Lahiri, I was from St Stanislaus. I know your son really well.

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:26 IST)
Romit: My son Bappa, your friend, is sitting with me and we are both very excited to see your name and take my love:-)

Dhun Chor (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:26 IST)
Bhappida, did you never feel that your so-called "inspirations" have actually resulted in moral (and possible legal) crime? Do you think money is all? Or is job satisfaction insignificant for you?

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:29 IST)
Dhun Chor: It is job satisfaction because the musical notes Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa are the same all over the world. But if I take the inspiration of any good note or good melody and adapt it in my style, it is a good creation, it is not a crime.

Saisuresh Sivaswamy (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:27 IST)
Mr Lahiri, does it bother you that your music is referred to as unoriginal...?

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:32 IST)
Saisuresh Sivaswamy: Who says? Chalte Chalte is original, Namak Halal is original, Sharaabi is original, my new film Love Story 98 is original. I have done so many films. From my catalogue of films, so many songs, I think I can tell you, are totally original. These days no original music is going, everything has been heard before. Old is Gold, that's why all my old film songs are being remixed and becoming hits.

rakeshs (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:30 IST)
Hello Mr Lahiri. In the 80s there were some accusations that music directors like R D Burman lost out because the fees you were charging were much lower then what they were asking. How do you respond to that?

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:36 IST)
Rakeshs: When I came to Bombay from Calcutta in 1972, I started my first movie, Nanha Shikari and superhit movies Zakhmi and Chalte Chalte and especially the superhit song Bombai se aaya mera dost sung by me in Aap Ki Khaatir. One by one all my music became superhits, and no cutting down my price. My quality has come up and every one all over the world likes my music up till now.

Saisuresh Sivaswamy (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:36 IST)
Mr Lahiri, who would you rate as your true successor in Bollywood today?

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:38 IST)
Sai: My successor as a hero? music director? singer? producer?

rakeshs (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:40 IST)
Yah, I was going to ask you about Bombai sey aaya mera dost. That was a wonderful song. When is the Love 98 music going to be released and which was your last movie before this?

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:42 IST)
RAKESHS: Love Story 98 music has been released by Venus, especially the song Chun Liya Hai Lakhon Mein Jisee and Dewaana Hoon Mein Tera. For the first time, Boy George, the British pop star, has sung and performed in Love Story 98 along with another pop star, Aapche Indian. It is a song called Chachi. It is bound to be a hit. My last movie was Military Raj and the song Balle Balle is very popular.

bunty (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:43 IST)
Look at you...and Anu Malik also. Both of you have talent, but refuse to be all the "chor" status really worth it? Your good music is often overlooked... IS IT WORTH IT????

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:46 IST)
Bunty: Shankar Jaikishen, S D Burman, R D Burman, and so many music directors previously got inspired by so many songs, so why condemn me or Anu Malik? The music also depends upon the producer and director who select the songs and compositions. Good music is always remembered for times to come.

bunty (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:45 IST)
Do you really think Kumar Sanu is the best male singer? He is very nasal and seems to lack the vital CLASSICAL background.

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:47 IST)
Bunty: Sanu is a good singer and people like his voice.

rakeshs (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:48 IST)
Hi, me again. Saw you in the mid 80s in Vancouver, Canada, with Kalpana Iyer and others, enjoyed it, Have you performed any recent stage shows in Canada or USA?

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:49 IST)
RAKESHS: I performed in LA on New Year 1997. I'm planning to come very soon to the US and Canada.

bunty (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:49 IST)
I agree Mr Lahiri. Even the great Naushad was inspired by Punjabi/Pakistani folk ragas and songs. Yet will they be remembered as the MDs who copied? Anu and you are good...then why copy? Is it worth the "chor" next to your names? A R Rahman too copies certain things...but tell me why he is not called a tune thief?

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:51 IST)
Bunty: The media has created those myths, they need good gossip about music directors. Had I been bad I would never have been in this industry for the last 26 years.

bunty (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:41 IST)
Mr Lahiri, who would you rate as the best MD in India?? South and/or NORTH???

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:53 IST)
BUNTY: Nobody is number one in this industry, a song becomes a hit and that is the only thing that matters in the industry.

bunty (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:55 IST)
I heard that your movie was nominated for the Oscars....yet I did not see it in the "nominated listings" here in the USA.

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:56 IST)
Bunty: Best Film of 1997 Lal Darja (Red Door) is nominated from India for the Oscars.

bunty (Wed Oct 14 1998 9:59 IST)
So...why don't you produce a VERY VERY good song/album that will make people and critics really stoned??? Isn't that a dream for you as an old MD?? Even Rajesh Roshan had a semi-comeback with Papa Kethe Hain... He is one of the few (only??) 70s MDs around.

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 10:1 IST)
Bunty: Now I'm not giving so many films because today in one film there are so many music directors and the music director becomes popular by a song composed by somebody else. This type of hotchpotch situation is something I don't want to be associated with. That is why I have given my best music in Love Story 98. I think every one in the North will like this one. My latest non-film album for Mother Teresa's death anniversary, sung by me, will be premiered on television channels very soon. The cassettes and CDs will be available on Venus.

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 10:5 IST)
Last questions please:-)

bunty (Wed Oct 14 1998 10:4 IST)
Please...think about making a comeback album...something that you want to be remembered as the 90s Bappi Lahiri...

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 10:6 IST)
Bunty: You will feel the music of Love Story 98. Mother Teresa is a very fresh abum when you hear it.

bunty (Wed Oct 14 1998 10:5 IST)
Thanks for the Chat, Mr. Lahiri. 1 more question before I leave! :) What do you think of ARR's music? And what did you think of the Titanic music????

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 10:7 IST)
Bunty: Titanic is film music totally based on its theme. A R Rahman's music is one style that is going on, and nothing to compare with Titanic's music.

dhun chor (Wed Oct 14 1998 10:5 IST)
Bappi, what's your real name? I am sure like your music BL is not the original. PLEASE enlighten ALL of us.

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 10:8 IST)
Dhun Chor: Bappi Lahiri is my real name.

Mr Bappi Lahiri (Wed Oct 14 1998 10:9 IST)
Dil Mein Ho Tum, Khawabon Mein Ho Tum, Bolo Tumhe Kaise Chaoon, Pooja Katroon, Sajda Karoon, Jaise Kaho Waise Chaoon. To all my fans. Good night and thank you and don't forget to listen to Love Story 98 and Mother Teresa's album.

Bappi Lahiri Chat, continued